GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.
Lee Marsh Model Co USA

GS-4 GS-5 Daylight 4-8-4 | Deposit $500.

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Southern Pacific Lines 4-8-4 Daylight  GS-4 #4430~4457 & GS-5 #4458/59

Only 60 models will be made

Page updated August 23rd 2019

At least 50% reservations are required before production can go ahead.

Next phase is making the painted production sample.


Designed to run on 72" radius

If you want to see our throughput of projects, then please look at our U.K. website. Click here

To keep updated on this project please see the "latest news" section of this website.

Pilot sample at our exclusive builder in S.Korea with CNC machined  solid nickel silver rods by Anthony Duarte. All production models will have these rods as standard. Designed for 72" radius running.

In full daylight livery and later in black with side skirting removed from the early 1950's. We will include the GS-5 4458 & 4459. These two had roller bearings 4458 with Timken and 4459 with SKF bearings. 

1:48 0 scale (OS5 w/.145 wheels, OS5 w/.114 wheels, P48)

DCC Sound factory fitted using ESU Loksound XL decoders.

(All of my UK models are fitted this way)

Total cost $4500 for reservation holders. $5000 after production.
#4449 as preserved with aux tender price to be fixed
UK & EU prices are plus VAT @20%

The pilot sample was shown at the Chicago March Meet 2019 as promised.


Our reservation deposit is $500 followed by two interim payments of $800, the final payment being due just before delivery. The first interim payment will be requested when we have produced the brass pilot sample and the second will be when we go into full production. These will be featured on the website before any payments are requested.

Payment can be made through the website using Paypal or Credit Card.

About the project

Already well established importers of accurate and finely detailed models in Europe, we at Lee Marsh Model Company have decided to extend our product line to include the American market as well. Our models incorporate the very latest state of the art techniques to produce highly detailed and accurate representations of popular locomotives. The
advancement in 3D drawing, printing, casting and tooling has facilitated vast improvements in detail and realism compared with models previously produced. Our aim is simple: to produce the finest quality models possible as we push the limits of ‘O’ scale modelling to new heights.

For our first foray into American steam, a true icon has been chosen: the GS class Daylight. This is a locomotive that exudes raw power combined with highly distinctive styling. Used not only on the SP Daylight train but also on high speed overnight ghost trains, these are truly maids of all work.
Here at Lee Marsh Model Company, we are passionate about the models produced and have our very own builder, SMT of South Korea, who manufactures exclusively for us.
This allows total quality control together with very strict adherence to agreed production schedules.
The models will be in full Daylight livery and in the later black finish with the side skirtings removed, as seen from the early 1950’s. We will also include the GS-5 4458 & 4459 which had roller bearings; 4458 with Timken and 4459 with SKF bearings. Depending on
demand, the GS-3 will be produced in ‘as built’ condition complete with side skirts.

Frame detail behind the wheels!

Tender truck and under frame detail. The holes are for one of the speakers. The other is in the locomotive.


GS-4 #4438.  version 1
GS-4 #4457.  version 2

GS-4 #4445 Skirting removed. version 3

GS-5 #4459. version 4

GS-5 #4458. version 5

GS-4 #4449 as preserved with auxiliary tender. version 6A



Product Ordering details

  • Version 1.  GS-4 4430~4457 as built condition. Skirts and tenders with small lettering (1937 spec)

  • Version 2.  GS-4 4430~4457 post war condition, with skirts and large lettering on tenders (1946 spec)

  • Version 3.  GS-4 4430~4447 with skirts removed and large lettering on the tenders (1946 spec)

  • Version 4.  GS-5 4458-4459 as built  with skirts and small lettering on the tenders  (1937 spec)

  • Version 5.  GS-5 4458-4459 post war with skirts removed and large lettering on the tenders (1946 spec)

  • Version 6 GS-4 4449 without Aux tender
  • Version 6A.  GS-4 4449 as preserved with auxiliary tender at extra cost

To reserve a model:
1) Choose a version using the drop down menu on the website
2) Decide on a locomotive road number from the list provided for each version
3) Establish your wheel gauging requirements
(OS5 w/.145 wheels, OS5 w/.114 (scale) wheels, Proto 48)

Product Details

  • Carefully researched and designed using original works drawings and the latest CAD design packages
  • Hand made in brass with all construction carried out  by our own builder SMT of South Korea, allowing the very best of quality control
  • Baked cellulose painting for a hard wearing finish
  • Fully detailed cab interior with brass and copper pipes. The cab fittings and pipes are not painted or plated
  • High level of fine detail with variations covered such as return cranks etc
  • Punched rivet detail 
  • Fully enclosed custom made CNC machined gearboxes designed specifically for the project paired with high quality coreless motors
  • Ball bearings and springing to all axles
  • Working reversing on the valve gear
  • Inside frame detail
  • All models are factory fitted with DCC sound (using ESU decoders & Cliff Williams speakers) and can also be run on DC (no sound) by simple use of a blanking plug
  • Auto coupler for loco to tender
  • Designed for 72" radius running
  • Limited warranty to cover repairs as a result of normal usage, following our handling and running guidelines to the original owner.
  • The DCC decoders are configured with default settings on delivery, if you let us know the DCC address you wish we can make all the settings including the address default, so if you have a problem then change CV8 to 8 will reset it entirely to the Lee Marsh Model Co Settings

 Thanks go to Pat Tracy, Scot Inman, Bob Church, Jimmy Booth, Gary Schrader, CSRM, SPHTS.

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