NYC Niagara
NYC Niagara
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NYC Niagara

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This project as a production run will only go ahead if we have good reservations.  This is because to even get to the pilot model stage costs in upwards of $35000. This is because of the following factors

  • research and design
  • lost wax brass patterns (the most expensive single cost)
  • press tools
  • wheels and gearbox (gearboxes are custom made CNC machined)

If that does not happen, these will be made as a custom build batch of 10-15 models and the price will reflect this.

The projected production run price is $5000.

P48 available

Design work is done and depending on the feedback we can decide when to make the pilot sample.

Both standard Baker valve gear and  Caprotti poppet-valve gear and redesignated S-2a as fitted to #5500

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