CPR Royal Hudson | reservation fee $500
CPR Royal Hudson | reservation fee $500
CPR Royal Hudson | reservation fee $500
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CPR Royal Hudson | reservation fee $500

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CPR Royal Hudson

page under construction April-29-2018


This project will cover the semi streamlined Royal Hudsons.

The list below contains the version we will do. All of these are from 1938 onwards when the Crowns where added to the front on the locomotives. 

We are currently looking for feedback from customers on which of the types they would like to see made.

Limited series 60-80 units depending on interest

Coal and oil fired versions. 

OS5 w/.145 wheels, OS5 w/.114 wheels, P48  

reservation fee $500

Total cost $4250 


    Type Number   Coal or Oil Booster   Stack     Product Number        
    H1-D   #2850   Coal Booster   Streamlined     20040   1939 ROYAL TRAIN    
    H1-C #2820   Coal no   Streamlined     20010        
    H1-C #2838   Coal Booster   Straight     20011        
    H1-C #2842   Coal Booster   Streamlined     20012        
    H1-C #2844   Coal no   Straight     20013        
    H1-C #2847   Oil no   Straight     20014        
    H1-C #2848   Oil no   Straight     20015        
    H1-D #2851   Coal Booster   Straight     20016        
    H1-D #2853   Coal Booster   Straight     20017        
    H1-D #2856   Coal no   Straight     20018        
    H1-D #2858   Oil no   Straight     20019        
    H1-E #2860   Oil Booster   Straight     20020        
    H1-E #2861   Oil Booster   Teardrop     20021        
    H1-E #2862   Oil Booster   Teardrop     20022        
    H1-E #2864   Oil Booster   Teardrop     20023        


      one of our 3D CAD drawings. This represents the first stage of drawing. Corrections will be made to these drawings and then a sample model will be made.

      Thanks to Jeff Pinchbeck and Al Brinkworth.


      Product Details

      • Carefully researched and designed using over 100 original works drawings and the latest 3D CAD design packages
      • Hand made brass construction including hundreds of lost wax brass castings
      • Baked cellulose factory applied painting for a hard wearing finish
      • Fully detailed cab interior with brass and copper pipes. The cab fittings and pipes are not painted or plated
      • High level of fine detail with variations covered 
      • Punched rivet detail made with CAD designed jigs
      • Fully enclosed Gearboxes designed specifically for the project paired with high quality Swiss Faulhaber coreless motors
      • Ball bearings and springing to all axles
      • Working reversing on the valve gear
      • Inside frame detail
      • working lights
      • All models are factory fitted with DCC sound (using ESU decoders & Cliff Williams speakers) and can also be run on DC (no sound) by simple use of a blanking plug
      • Auto coupler for loco to tender
      • 6 foot minimum radius is required due to the high level of detail
      • Model length for display
      • Limited warranty to cover repairs as a result of normal usage, following our handling and running guidelines to the original owner.
      • The DCC decoders are configured with default settings on delivery, if you let us know the DCC address you wish we can make all the settings including the address default, so if you have a problem then change CV8 to 8 will reset it entirely to the Lee Marsh Model Co Settings