Update 8-23-2019

We are not able to attend the Midwest Show in Indianapolis this year. But do look forward to being there next year. We wish Dan and Amy best of luck with the show. Please do try and attend these shows or they will ultimately close for good.


Our designer is working on both corrections and upgrades to the GS-4 design. One aspect is to make the larger doors on the side skirts open. However, I have been very clear that I do not want the sleek look of the skirts ruined with overscale hinges. Testing has shown the model will happily run through 72" radius curves in both directions. Once all the changes have been made to the drawings then the painted production sample will be produced.

We do need good support with reservations to make this happen and we are sure once you see the painted sample you will want to place a reservation! We will photograph the pilot sample side by side with the production sample so you can see the improvements. Only 60 models will be made for this project.

CP Royal Hudson

There has been almost zero interest in the Royal Hudson so this has now been dropped. 

Next project

To follow the GS-4 we have been asked to do the NYC Niagara. Design work has started and once completed a pilot sample will be made. Listening to customers we will fully paint and decal the sample so you have a clearer impression of how the production models will look. This will be available on the project pages shortly.

Our design work for the G.O.D has begun.

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