CPR Hudson & SP GS-4

It was good to chat to those that came by my table at the March Meet. Many thanks to Melissa and her team for the event.

For those interested in the CPR Royal Hudson we are going to change this to a short series project of 60 units. The number of versions will be simplified. This will appear on the website after I return home. We need support for it to go ahead. GOD drawings are completed. My idea is to have 1 coal and 1 oil fired version. Let us know what road numbers you might want.

I had a successful trip to Portland at the Oregon Rail Heritage Centre to do the photo survey of #4449.

I want give huge thanks to the guys, in particular Pat Tracy, Doyle McCormack. Thanks to Bruce for help with the photography. Look forward to going back and spending more time there.

Now we have the photo survey and copies of the original builder drawings our designer can start work on the G.O.D drawings.

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