SP GS-4 & Passenger cars

What is an engine without a train to pull?

An idea has been proposed to us, to make the Daylight cars to go with the locomotives. Not all at once but in stages of 2-3 types each year. Or 1 type every 3-4 months. This way you are not faced with buying a whole at once or waiting endless years for the models to appear.

For example

1st stage would be 
  • Observation-Parlor car
  • Parlor Car
  • Tavern car

2nd would be

  • Articulated chair cars
  • single chair car

3rd would be

  • Coffee/Kitchen/dining and so on until the baggage/chair car at the locomotive.

We have already made high end passenger cars for the UK market (see photos below) and the way this would work for my factory, is to design the whole train, have all the parts (etches-castings etc)  in stock for all the different cars and then build them between the locomotive projects. As you will find out we work to very tight schedules and cant afford long delays as that has a knock on effect for future projects.

For example corrections have started so we can finish design on the GS-4 project. This will allow us to make the painted production sample this year, do our final checks and then go into full production as promised next year.

The next project is now being researched and the brass pilot sample will be at the 2020 March Meet as promised.

 We need your support to make all this happen! 

Please remember we ask for no more than $500 deposit (fully refundable)  and will never ask for any interim payments until you see the proof of progress (pilot or production samples) on this website.

Anyway enough typing here in rainy Edinburgh! I prefer photos than blurb, so some photos of our passenger cars in 0 scale for the UK, enjoy.

Full interior, button hole chairs, luggage racks, photos and maps. This is a car from the 1890's Great Western Railway.



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