GS-4 update


Hello to all my O scale friends and supporters.
Well, it’s been a little over 2 years since my company entered the US O scale market. Since that time we’ve made tremendous strides in developing 2 new locomotive projects the famous Southern Pacific GS4 and the New York Central Niagara’s.
During the course of our first year, you were able to witness the progress of our base pilot model of the GS-4 in time for the March meet and O scale west shows.
Since then we have been working with our experts on the corrections to the pilot model. Our builder has been following the progress of the corrections and has completed the final drawings for the production models. During this exciting time we have been trying to accumulate enough reservations to start production, as of this writing we are still a little short to be able to dedicate funds to hit the GO button.
We are hoping in the next coming months that things will be picking up so we can get production started. Those who have been supporting our projects from the start will see the models built. It’s just might not be in the original time frame we anticipate from the onset.
In the meantime, Lee Marsh Models will continue to produce the European models we have announced and are in various stages of production. We hope while we are clearing the slate of our previously announced U.K. models that the time allowed to complete will be sufficient enough to gain the required amount of reservations for our US projects thus allowing a seamless transition from our U.K. model production into our US model production.
As much as we enjoy meeting our customers and new friends at the US O scale trade shows I regret that time and unforeseen circumstances will not allow me to attend any of the shows this year. We hope circumstances will allow us to focus more heavily on the US market once we take the final delivery of our U.K. projects. So with that being said we hope to visit you at next year's shows with pre-production units of the GS4 along with samples of new projects were hoping to produce if interest shows. Until we meet again please continue to use our website for further developments of our U.K. and US projects. Of course, if you’d like to make your interest known verbally please feel free to call me We love to keep in touch with our valued customers.
Happy railroading to you.
Lee Marsh.
Below is the new 3D printed pattern for the GS-4 Door. This will be cast in brass to form a sub-master pattern. At that point, I will be adding individually machined bolts to the clamps. This will result in much sharper detail than the pilot sample door.

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