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Lee Marsh Model Co

Lee Marsh Model Company - producers of thoroughly researched, museum quality, finescale “0” gauge model locomotives for the discerning collector.

Here at the Lee Marsh Model Company our aim is simple:  to produce for you, the customer, the finest ready-to-run model locomotives that money can buy. Not only are our models exquisitely detailed and finished, the fact that we are ourselves fastidious and exacting model makers ensures that the prototypical accuracy, reliability and smoothness of running are second to none.

The process begins with thorough research to ensure the utmost accuracy and realism, using original works drawings and photographs to create working models that are true miniature replicas of the prototype. The next stage is to incorporate, within this precise framework, state of the art electronic technology giving ample power and the ultimate in versatile controllability.

Our models are constructed and painted in the Far East, where our builders take enormous pride in creating each model personally, using 30 plus years of experience in this field to create a model you will be delighted to own. The only parts not made in the Far East are the Swiss Faulhaber motors and German ESU decoders.

The process is thoroughly monitored at every stage, and our expert consultants are on hand at all times to oversee the project and advise if and when modifications are necessary. Accuracy and realism are at the heart of our philosophy.

The full specification for each model in our range is outlined on the relevant product page.